In the Twilight of Forever

“He has made everything appropriate in its time. He has also set eternity in their heart, yet so that man will not find out the work which God has done from the beginning even to the end.” Ec. 3:11

My daughters and their friends find great entertainment in the book/movie series Twilight. Why? Because it is so romantic and exciting. In the series there is Edward, the “good” vampire who pursues Bella, a beautiful human girl. A profound connection develops and a love than transcends time. Edward recognizes the “ugly” side of being a vampire and has no intention of ruining Bella by biting her. Bella however, desires more than anything, to have an eternal love with Edward, even if it means giving up her life.

Ah-ha, the identical desire residing in the heart of all men. Eternity. The desire to live forever. Some will disagree, but I am of the opinion that all humans have a spiritual void motivating them to fill it. They all thirst for immortality. Not only that, but to be loved unconditionally, in spite of their character flaws. Desperately, they live out their impulses, in delusion that temporary pleasure will bring satisfaction.

Herein, is the danger to our daughters. In youth they believe a particular guy is going to fulfill that yearning they encounter within to be loved perpetually. They bait the existence of Mr. Right.

Through him, they will live on together for all of eternity in love. Repeatedly I dispel this myth. Only to find my daughter, Monique, struggling. On one hand she discerns she is too young to have a “coupled” relationship, but on the other hand she continues the hunt. With a prescription of truth in a daily dose, I try to immunize her.

Because our world is drenched in pain, I am unapologetic for my bluntness with my daughters once they hit teenage years. I disclose hard facts to them, such as “women use sex to get love,” while “men use love to get sex.” Realistically, this only tends to work for one of those two in this quest. Rarely will sex get love, but love will often get sex.

How many young women are walking wounds of betrayal? They feel devalued as a person when love was their goal. In their mission for enduring love they found what stings like infinite pain and emptiness. Even more so, we have many people that have been sexually molested and/or corrupted by insidious individuals. Cutting, suicide, affairs (either emotional or sexual), and divorce become deceitful solutions.

I surmise the divorce rate is high on the part of women, because they married their husband expecting he would complete them with his immutable love. As the blinders fall away and the emptiness became more evident, they concluded they made a mistake. Mr. Right is still waiting to be found!

The truth is out there!

However, that truth is no human is capable of making her whole. Until she discovers that Jesus Christ is her true Husband and the only Mr. Right that loves her with an everlasting love, she will continue chasing fantasies to fill-up that empty space.

As parents, it is so important that we internalized this truth and venture to discuss these movies and books with our children. Do we allow our precious ones to entertain a fantasy while embedding it within as a reality? Have we been faithful to awaken our children with the veracity of why those things entice and stir a desire within? Are we unwavering in leading our children to the only One who can fill those voids and make them whole?

Today, take the time to pray for protection of your children's hearts and minds. Make certain your children comprehend why they desire eternity and abiding love. Clarify to them who alone can provide and where they can find Him. Walk the walk with them, be their living example. Bring them to the feet of Jesus, that they may know the depth of His love and have a promise of eternity with Him set in their hearts!


  1. Oh Julianne,

    You don't even know how valuable this post is to every young teen girl. My daughter is 13 and Twilight is a big thing around here. I was absolutely worried she was going to be lost in the fantasy of this romance and you can bet we have talked frequently about reality...

    Every word you written here is truth and powerful. I hope many, many moms of teen girls read this. It is okay to read fun book but we need to know how to guide our young girls to real truth and help them find their idenity in Christ.

    Awesome. Man, I am reved up now. Thank you... BIG hugs. Love you tons.

  2. Hi Lynn:

    Thank you for the kind words. It is amazing how a Scripture can just set off your mind and spirit about current life applications! God is good! I am not sure who this will reach, but I know God is in control.

    I was once one of the very girls I mentioned, searching for Mr. Right and disillusioned by what life was dealing me in guys! I was once one of those young women walking around wounded and expecting some human man to complete me and give me happily ever after!

    Now I have a wonderful Husband, in Christ. Yeah, I have my dear earthly husband too, but I know he just cannot be all I need no matter what. Only Christ can satisfy my hungry soul! Only Jesus can love all my uglies!

    I love you dearly sis!


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