Finding Christmas in Crashes

This year I found the meaning of Christmas in an unexpected way. It turned straight into my path in an illogical manner and though I tried to avoid it, I crashed right into it. My immediate reaction after accessing that my children were all uninjured was anger and frustration. I will spare you the reasons, but accomplishing my errands has become much of a heartache and chore for me. Now my minivan will be in a body shop and I will spend hours on the phone with claims adjusters after the time required filling out the accident report with a policeman. All during Christmas week.

I peered over to the vehicle I just slammed into and saw a little old lady in it. I had went straight into the driver's side door on her vehicle with my right, front side. The little, old lady was disoriented and scared. Compassion filled my heart. She needed mercy and the Lord had put it in my hands to give. Soon as I knew she was safe and the local police had been notified, I began a conversation with her. She expected me to be angry at her. She cried and apologized. She admitted it was entirely her fault. She was shocked to find me forgiving and loving towards her.

I questioned her gently to find out if she had local family. I soon learned that her husband died a few years back and she was entirely alone in this region. She was stricken with fear as to how she would get around if they take her license away from her.

At moments like these, you know God puts people in your path for a purpose. Here is a little old lady with NOBODY to help her locally. So God permits her to be put smack dab in my path so I will take notice of a person in need of friendship, companionship, and somebody to drive them where they need to go.

She was a sweet, honest woman. She did not lie to the police or the insurance company to get out of this predicament, knowing she may lose her independence with no family to turn to.

Sometimes I think my life is too busy and I cannot handle another responsibility. Then God opens my heart and shows me what He requires of me as His child. For whatever the reason, for at least a season, I have somebody else who needs me and God will give me just the strength I require to love her like Jesus would.

The sweet love of our Lord reminds us that people need His compassion, His mercy, and His grace. All things I am incapable of giving without His Spirit working through me.

Christmas should be about AGAPE love, which is a self-sacrificial love. I will have to sacrifice more of my selfishness on His alter to care for this sweet woman. May He show me how to do it in such a way that pleases Him. May He teach me to use my time more wisely, that I may be able to have enough to bless this sweet lady too.

Merry CHRISTmas my dear friends. May you know the joy of the Lord and allow his compassion, mercy, and grace to fill your hearts during this wonderful season. His peace be upon your household and heart!

(P.S. Her insurance is not fighting me on this, but taking 100% liability...another sweet blessing)