You Can Have Your Cake & Decorate It Too!

The hours a mother will invest to give their precious child a Birthday Cake to make them smile! Yes, I am guilty! I will spend 8+ hours making and decorating a cake if it will save us money and put glee in my child's voice when they gaze upon it for the first time.

Here is my little Tink with her Tinker Bell cake. Mind you, the brat in me compelled me to feed her a story that I was making her a WALL*E cake the entire time I was working on it. She never complained. The moment her eyes met the cake, her shrills of excitement blew out the windows of local Air Force jets flying overhead!

All of this to share with you that over at the ALL ABOUT CAKES blog they are having an amazing giveaway for those of you who long to decorate cakes and pastries, etc for your family. Rose is giving away a 200 Piece Betty Crocker® Decorator Kit. I know I would love to win this after moving from Texas to California, I found many of our household items had been destroyed from staying in a humid storage unit. I had a huge professional decorating kit that was a complete loss. I have just started buying a few tips, bags, and couplers again.

What have you done special for your family to remind them how precious they are to you?


  1. Julianne my little cherub, so nice meeting you at my blog today! We lived in Hayward before moving to Idaho, honey. Small world, huh? I'm also very religious so it's nice to see your blog.

    No success can compensate for failure in the home. So treat your kids wonderfully, sweetpea.


  2. Julianne, You did a wonderful job on the Tinkerbell cake. Thanks for the great post too. I know how you felt when you lost so many of your precious belongings. Before I moved into this house, I moved alot and in every moved lost something or broke something or left something behind.
    Good luck on the giveaway. Do you want to exchange links?
    Fondly, DCRose

  3. That cake turned out gorgeou
    I have pretty much put a halt to my cake making. My kitchen is just too clumsy for decorating cakes.
    Thank you for your comments on my blog. I appreciate them!


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