Nature's Solution for Acid Reflux

This little beauty has been elevated to best friend level. Why? Because raw almonds have recently been helping me in ways I never imagined. I bought them to help restore my health.

However, after 4 nights of very little sleep because of the roller coaster of either taking pain pills so I can sleep, but then waking up gagging on stomach acid or not taking pain pills to keep my tummy happy, but that left me in too much pain.

I had tried every antacid on the market, but nothing was helping. My stomach and esophagus were raw constantly. Then I read that by popping 5 raw almonds into my mouth every few hours throughout the day would alkalize my acidic system. Lo and behold, it worked. I mean wonderfully.

However, my blood pressure has been climbing for the last 2 years since all my health issues reared their ugly heads. Today, at the doctor's office, guess what? My blood pressure was down quite a bit. Then I read that raw almonds can normalize blood pressure too.

Did you know the almond is NOT a nut? This came as a revelation to me. It is actually a seed inside of the almond fruit. The almond tree is related to the cherry, peach, and apricot trees. Looking at an almond blossom helps me to see the truth indeed!

What a beautiful almond blossom. It reminds me of Asian artwork. Something I am privy to since I have a daughter in love with ALL things anime, manga, and Japanese. However, my fascination is not for the same reasons. It is because once again, I am forced to contemplate if I truly believe a blossom this beautiful happened by random chance or was by intelligent design by a God who created all things for a purpose?!?!

And in that moment, fear's deathly grip on me is loosened. I stand in awe of the God who was, who is, and who is to come. In that second, I don't fear the valley of the shadow of death. The Lord's rod and staff comfort me. He anoints my unworthy head with oil. My cup runs over with His love, His mercy, and His grace. I am nothing and He is everything. I am satisfied.


  1. I love almonds! It is good to know there health benefit as well. Years ago when we had a health situation in our family our research revealed the health benefit of seeds. It was told to us that inside the pit of the Apricot seed was a source of vitamin that aids in healing cancers. The vitamin is B17, also known as Laetrile. I know how much you love doing I hope you spend some time looking into this. My DH would eat at least five a day. It has a bitter taste if you take them naturally, but you can order them online. A cancer clinic in Mexico distributes them to their patients as well as sells them in tablet form.

    I didn't know you were online blogging again. I'm so glad to see that you are. I am writing on my blog Preparation Of The Bride. I changed the name from A Diamond In The Rough.

    Blessings to you today!

  2. Okay, I did not know that! I grew up in the SF Bay Area, my parents live in Brentwood, and I was surrounded by almond trees until they built all the homes. So the almond is not a "nut"? I can't believe I didn't know that!

    Awesome information.

  3. AMEN! I will try this almond thing... I have spent so much on stomach medicine and I still have that acidic rawness! Most excellent!

    Love and hugs... thank you for being my friend and for all the wonderful things you have done, for all the prayers. You are truly a daughter of the most high. I can tell because you look a LOT like Him :)

  4. Wow - I'll have to forward this to my hubby. He is on med's that they have increased for the same problems.

    Thanks for the info. and for giving God the glory He is due in all our trials.

    Much love,

  5. Hi Laurie! Yes, I recall when I was growing up we had the Vitamin Bible and they taught about B17. I wonder why our government will not allow us to have anything that might be a true and natural cure? Wonderful to see you hear dear sister!

    Hi Connie:
    Bless your heart, I read about the ice storms you are suffering and know you must be missing the bay area. I will be praying for your torn rotator cuff issue and hope your recovery is soon! Blessings to you!

    Hey Gina! Yeah, the RAW almond thing is working for me. It works even better if I soak the almonds overnight, rinse them and eat them the next day. Of course this last week, I forgot to rinse them for over a day and when I got back to them...they were growing peach fuzz...ewww! I love you dearly sister and will keep your employment situation in my prayers.

    Hi Susan:
    So wonderful to see you here again! I really enjoy the inspiration of your writings. I sure hope this solution for me will also work for your husband. If it can help others, I will be so blessed.


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