The Sweet Blessings of Sisterhood

Illustration by Beatrix Potter

Am I peculiar? I know we are not encouraged to be people pleasers. However, I have this intense yearning to please my husband when preparing dinner. In my overburdened, cream-colored refrigerator lies a new pack of 36 flour tortillas. Yet, here I am covered in flour despite my Little Caesar's apron from years past.

Yes, I am making homemade flour tortillas. While not difficult, I do go through a process of letting the dough sit for 20 minutes to break down the gluten to make rolling it out easier. “Put a little more of your body weight into it,” I hear echoing through my head. My precious, great-grandmother once taught me how to knead and roll out dough. She taught me it works best if you have it at waist height so you can lean on the dough while working it. I recall the smell of her rubber necks frying and the taste of the cinnamon sugar melting in my mouth. The sweet memories of her bring tears to my eyes.

Why do I go through all this trouble to make tortillas when I have a bag in the refrigerator? Because my husband prefers the flavor of my homemade tortillas when I fry them up in strips for dinner. Tortilla Soup is on the menu, one of his favorites. Hubby says the homemade tortillas taste seasoned. My only surmise is the buttermilk must add a distinct flavor.

As I continue to push my weight over the rolling board, I feel like Martha worrying about getting everything just right. Yet, it is a labor of love for my husband. My mind begins to race as I ponder the Marys in my life. I have no blood-related sisters, yet the Lord blessed me with something better. He gave me so many sweet sisters in Christ that have inspired me to grow up into Him. They encourage me when I feel weak. They remind me to put my eyes back on Christ at just the time my eyes and mind might grapple with my circumstances. Again, tears fill my eyes as I praise the Lord for the blessings He has given me in my sisters in Christ. I think of many of you and your current circumstances. I lift you in prayer to the One who loves you and pursues you intensely.

I continue cutting the tortillas into thin slices and wonder why I am weepy? I remember monthly hormones are coming into play, as it is 21 days again. And I know in my heart that my sisters understand me even in this complication. As I go through medical testing I know that many of you have faithfully held me in your prayers. I know my marriage being healed is directly related to all the prayers and support of my sisters, whom Christ gave me as He works through them to minister to me. I realize what a privilege it is to pray for each of you and your needs too. Thank you for being such a sweet blessing in my life to each of my sisters in Christ! I cherish you!


  1. Testing.. for some reason this comment form doesn't want to take my comments :(

    This was a good post! I have so much support and spiritual growth inducers online.

  2. Julianne,

    This is so neat. I think that making those tortilla's is a brilliant display of worship. Not of your husband but worship of our Lord. Your desire to give love this weay makes me weepy. I could also be 21 days??? Love you my friend. Lynn

  3. It is so good as sisters in the Lord to lift each other up. Amen!

    And I agree about wanting to please our husbands... a high and holy calling.

    BTW - that tortilla soup recipe sounds yummy. Would love the recipe sometime!

  4. My dear sister. Please hop on over to my site when you get a chance. I have something special for you!

  5. Denise: While there is prolific evil on the internet that breaks my heart...I too have seen the sweet blessing in the sisters Christ has given me through this medium. It has brought much good to my life personally...and you are definitely one of those GOOD things in my life! Blessings to you dear sister!

    Lynn: Thank you for your constant encouragement to love my husband, even when I don't feel like it! LOL! You know I am still searching for the verse that says, "Thus saith the Lord, "When woman is PMSing she may speak unkindly and behave even worse."" Hee hee! Yet, instead I find that I am called to have a gentle and kind spirit ALWAYS with rejoicing and gratitude. Yikes...what a high calling! Blessings to you dear sister!

    Susan: What a great sister you are to so many others, including me! I am blessed indeed! I think sisters can truly keep each other moving forward as servants of love in our homes if we keep our eyes on Christ and motivate each other to do so in times circumstances would dictate otherwise. We can either gossip and tear down or we can speak truth in love and edify! Thank you for edifying me. Blessings to you dear sister!

  6. I agree about the blessings and faithfulness of sisters..why just this week a dear sister called out of love and concern for me and my family knowing that we live smack dab in the middle of all these fires, and she just wanted me to know she was praying for all her spare time...while still preparing homemade tortilla's for her husband!! I sure love that gal.. :) :)
    My prayers are also with you and your health..did you make that call?? :)

    Love you!


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