Family Blueprint New Testament #1: Zacharias and Elizabeth

(A raw egg and some vinegar prove that nothing is too hard for God!)

Weekly Scripture:
Luke 1:5-25

“Zacharias and Elizabeth”

Nothing is too hard for God!

Live the Lesson: Disappearing Egg Shell
This object lesson requires one week of preparation. On the week previous to this lesson you will start the object lesson. You will take a raw egg and put it in a jar. Tell the children that eggs have an incredibly hard shell that water cannot disintegrate and this egg’s shell represents something too hard for you to accomplish. However, you are going to put the power of God in the jar on the egg, because NOTHING is too hard for God. Now cover the egg in the jar with white vinegar and sit it aside. A mason jar with a lid works well for this kind of project.

On the second day, you need to pour off the old vinegar and recover the egg with fresh vinegar and then allow it to sit very still for the next six days.

The next week keep the jar out of sight of the children. Now ask the children what types of things are too difficult for them to accomplish? Have some suggestions of things in your own life that seem too hard for you to do without God. Pull out a fresh egg and remind them about the egg shell representing what is too hard for them to do apart from God. Now break that egg into a cup to show them that while you can make a crack or break in the hard shell by yourself, without God you cannot make the shell vanish, because it is too hard for you.

Pull out the jar from last week and carefully drain off the vinegar and rinse off the egg in water. The egg will look translucent because the shell in no longer existent. Only the membrane inside of the egg is holding the egg intact. Show them NOTHING IS TOO HARD FOR GOD!

Memory Verse:
“And he will turn many to the Lord their God.” Luke 1:16

Dear Lord, please help us to believe You and Your word, knowing that nothing it too hard for God!

Living the Life:
This week share with your children times you thought something was impossible and then God proved to you that it was indeed possible with Him!

By Julianne Bell
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